Safety / Protective / Dust-Proof / Anti-Fog / Anti-Droplets Eye Wear / Glass / Goggles

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  • Color: Blue and Transparent
  • Size: Free size


Benefits: Ensure safety of you and your family during this COVID 19 pandemic. You can easily wear this goggles and stay safe.

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  • Provide comprehensive protection for your eyes.
  • Reinforced side shields provide high-impact lateral protection.
  • Power glasses can be used under Protective Eye Wear
  • The safety goggles can provide full cover to your eyes without distorting your vision
  • Block flying particles, dust, wind, chemical fumes or other external hazards.
  • Wide and clear lenses ensure the vision, prevent distortion or deformation of the object
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Zero Power
  • Fits well and comfortable to wear.
  • Polycarbonate lenses are effective against water, impact and fog.
  • Effectively protect your eyes from liquid splashing in the workplace or outdoor.

Caution: Do not use as protection against open flam or sparks

Use: Disinfects after every use


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