KN95: KSL Executive Standard GB2626-2006 Mask

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  • Brand: KSL
  • Color: White
  • Material: 3 PVC Filtering cotton
  • Made in: China


Benefits: Ensures safety ( > 95%) from COVID-19 and other viruses

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  • Filtration > 95%
  • Made with Nanotechnology
  • Seamless fit against mist
  • Adjustable nose clips
  • Seamless fit improve the protective function of the mask
  • Perfect fit prevent the eyeglasses from fogging due to exhalation
  • Fold in half for a 3D look, there is a pair of fold lines in the middle, no glue bonding
  • Strong and durable
  • Size: Standard
  • Product of Guangdong Shantou Haimeisi Clothing Co. Ltd.

Caution: Disinfects after use. Don’t use, if the mask overused, become too old or occurs any structural change.


  1. Pull the elastic belt to the back of the ear and adjust the mask and elastic belt to feel comfortable
  2. Cover the mask with your hands and breathe. If there is gas leaking out, please readjust the mask
  3. Unfold the inner side of the mask with both hands so that the nose clip is above the mask
  4. Press with both hands’ index finger from both sides of the middle to adjust the iron piece above the mask


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