Dabur Odomos Mosquito Repellent Cream 50 gm

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  • Brand: Dabur
  • Color: Green
  • Material: Vitamin E and Almond Oil
  • Made in: India


Benefits: Keep your baby safe from insects and mosquito bites to avoid illness i.e. dengue, malaria, etc.

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  • Offers the most effective protection from mosquitoes, the carriers of deadly viruses that cause diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya, Malaria, Filaria, and Encephalitis, etc.
  • Clinically tested and certified on its efficacy & safety for usage
  • Odomos mosquito repellent cream has also been tested to be safe even for babies.
  • Protects from mosquito bites for up to 8 hours.
  • Offers 100% protection against mosquito bites
  • Odomos uses a formula which masks the distinctive body odor that human skin emits making you virtually invisible to mosquitoes since mosquitoes detect human by the odor that your body emits.


Use: Simply rub the cream on open skin.


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