Blunt Bird Digital Infrared Thermometer DN-997 to Measure Fever / Body Temperature

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  • Brand: Blunt Bird
  • Model: DN – 997
  • Color: White
  • Made in: Donggouan
  • Product Type: Digital (Non-contact infrared thermometer)


Benefits: Ensure the safety of you and your family during this COVID 19 pandemic. You can easily and frequently check the fever or body temperature of anyone without touch

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  • Measure body temperature of fever in just one second
  • Non-contact measuring method
  • Effective distance: 5cm ~ 15cm
  • Temperature unite: Celsius, fahrenheit
  • Product of Donggouan Dunniao Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Ergonomic design, simple and generous appearance
  • Non-contract high precision, clean and sanitary measurement
  • Excellent adaptability to environmental change and can be used in complex environments
  • One-click temperature switching, convenient and practical
  • Double 32 groups of memory storage, one click query, simple and practical
  • Adjustment of temperature deviation of facilitate daily adjustment of users
  • The temperature unit can be adjusted to facilitate different user habits
  • Automatic shutdown function, no automatic shutdown operation within 20 seconds


Caution: Keep away from water


Use: Disinfects before use.


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