Farlin Luxurious Manual Breast Pump Large for Mother

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  • Brand: Farlin
  • Color: Pink & Transparent
  • Material: Polycarbonate, Silicone, etc.
  • Made in: Taiwan


Benefits: You can store breast milk anytime for your baby so the baby can drink in your absence.

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  • Easy to assemble and convenient to use
  • Naturally imitating your body’s suckling action to stimulate “let-down” and provide fast milk flow comfortably and gently.
  • Its suction release button increase the comfort
  • Enlarge breast shield is helpful for expressing milk more smoothly
  • Complied with EU directive requirements
  • Breast shield with unique silicon diaphragm helps to flow mother’s milk
  • Eliminating the needs from the noisy motors or batteries found in electric pumps


Caution: Please clean the pump, diaphragm, joint, and gasket with warm water.

Use: Before 1st-time use and after each use, the bottle, nipple, cap, screw, breast shield, and tube may be sterilized or may be cleaned with mild detergent and water by using a bottle and nipple brush.

Even though the pump, diaphragm, joint, and gasket are heat resistant, in order to avoid reducing their elasticity and effect of suction, please don’t boil them.

Your Farlin breast pump will help you breastfeed longer. You can express and store your milk at the right moment.  Doctors recommend breast milk is the best nutrition for the babies during the 1st year.



FARLIN, established in 1972 in Taiwan, world’s leading baby product brand, involves in producing and selling of premium quality baby & mother care products over 80 courtiers. Being the first baby care brand with own hospital, FARLIN become a brand what combines innovation, medical findings, quality, great design and practical functionality. FARLIN products are developed by medical and technological expertise, which meets parent’s expectation & support babies in their development & well-being. Let’s shop FARLIN products from SHOPe.


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