Molfix Baby Diaper Pants 5 Junior 12-17 Kg 22 pcs

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  • Brand: Molfix
  • Size: 5 Junior
  • Quantity: 22 Pcs
  • Type: Pant
  • Suitable for baby with weight of: 12-17 kg
  • Material: Synthetic & Cotton
  • Made in: Turkey


Benefits: This highly absorbent Molfix diaper helps to keep your baby’s skin dry & fresh. Ensure your baby’s comfort and uninterrupted sound sleep, keep dry throughout daily adventure. Especially assists mother and baby during whole night and outdoor travel.

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This Molfix baby diaper is produced with the utmost care and their green absorbent layer provides perfect dryness while the outer surface of the diaper protects the skin. Thanks to water-resistant barriers that prevent leaks, Molfix gives babies full protection and keeps their skin dry and healthy around the clock.

This Molfix diaper will ensure your baby’s comfortable sound sleep, proper hygiene and happy childhood.

  • Molfix diapers are highly absorbent; helps in keeping your baby’s skin dry & fresh
  • Suitable for your baby’s skin and ensure an uninterrupted sound sleep
  • Ensure overnight dryness
  • Extremely gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin
  • Breathable; air channels ensure air flow inside the diaper
  • Clinically Proven for your baby
  • Suitable for both baby girls and boys
  • Flexible waistband
  • Leak resistance


You should select ideal diaper for your child since all diaper will not suit your baby’s delicate skin. Please use quality products and observe its effects on your baby’s skin before finalize your brand selection.



MOLFIX, a turkey diaper and tissue brand established in 1998 with the purpose of supporting mothers and expectant mothers. It is a concern of Hayat Kimya, world’s 5th largest branded baby diapers manufacturer, and the largest paper tissue manufacturer of the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa. A global player in the FMCG industry, Hayat reaches millions of homes in more than 100 countries. Let’s shop SAVLON products from SHOPe.


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