DOMS Robust Pencil Sharpener School Stationery for Kids – 1 Piece

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Product Code: 3280

  • Brand: DOMS
  • Materials: PP & SS
  • Size: Standard
  • Color: Purple/ Pink/ Yellow/ Teal/ Blue
  • Made in: India


Benefits: This attractive and trendy accessory will bring happiness, inspire your kids to learn and succeed.

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Learning is a very significant part of your child’s daily life. Unfortunately, most of the children become bored, their face becomes gloomy when anyone confers with them regarding learning and education. Parents are responsible to mask education as funny and entertaining to kids. This accessory will


  • DOMS Robust Pencil Sharpener School Stationery for Kids – 1 Piece is very useful stationery for kids
  • Develop self-confidence and promotes interest
  • Encourage the child to read, write and learn
  • Help to develop and keep a healthy parent-child relationship
  • Contribute to improving kids’ imagination, creativity and intelligence
  • Assist to build a bright future
  • Improve aptitude and help to flourish creativity


Variations in educational accessories and school supplies always boost kids’ interest. In order to help children to discover education as entertainment, parents should provide attractive and trendy learning tools to their child.

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