Radiant Winter Warm Cloth for Infant Newborn Baby (Pink) 5 Pcs -1 Set

৳ 490.00

Product Code: 1366

  • Brand: Radiant
  • Color: Pink
  • Materials: Synthetic & Cotton
  • Size: Newborn
  • Made in: China


Benefits: This attractive and trendy winter baby dress set will ensure baby’s smart look and proper comfort. This useful cloth will bring happiness to parents and kids.

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Clothing is a very significant concern for both parents and kids. Clothing is a very substantial part of your child’s health and daily life. In order to bring a smart look and to ensure proper comfort parents should select suitable clothes for his/her child. This cloth will

  • Ensure proper comfort of your baby in this winter season
  • Ensure proper warmth to your baby
  • Give proper baby care
  • Designed for newborn baby
  • Suitable for baby’s delicate skin
  • This set contains 1 top, 1 pant, 1 head cap & 1 bib
  • Beautify your baby and warrant a smart look
  • Develop happiness and promote self-confidence
  • Save kids from dust and dirt



  • Please wash after each use
  • Use baby cloth detergent to keep the brightness
  • Keep away from fire
  • This bag is not a toy, tear up this bag before throwing it away
  • Product bag is not a toy, please throw in the dustbin to avoid unwanted suffocation
  • Follow manufacturer wash, preservation instruction (if any)


Variations in cloth color and style help to look better, feel better. Parents should bring diversity to a baby’s cloth colors and styles. Attractive and trendy cloth helps kids to be happy and confident.


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