FARLIN Baby feeding Bottle and Nipple Liquid Cleanser 500 ml

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  • Brand: Farlin
  • Made in: Taiwan
  • Size: 500 ml
  • Ingredients: Water, Citric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, etc.


Benefits: Ensure hygienic and effective cleaning of feeding products and accessories such as bottle, nipple, pacifier, teether, drinking cup, plate, and bowl.

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Formulated with food-grade natural plants which are mild and with safety requirements of Federal Hazardous Substances Act, USA. Safe for cleaning baby care products and vegetables/ fruits.

  • Formulated with plants extract
  • Natural and mild
  • Vegetables/ fruits cleaning
  • Bacteria-removing
  • No harmful remains
  • Anti-bacteria thoroughly cleans without milk remnants
  • Nonartificial perfume and pigment
  • Also for cleaning vegetables, fruits, toys, and tableware, etc.
  • Approved by USA Acute Oral Toxicity test of the Federal Hazardous Substance Act.
  • Registered as a worldwide mark


  • Turn the press-cap anticlockwise till the press-cap jumps up.
  • Then press the cap several times till the contents flow out (one press for about 3ml)


  • Keep in a cool place
  • Don’t immerse with vegetables/ fruits for more than 5 minutes
  • Keep out of the reach of children.



FARLIN, established in 1972 in Taiwan, world’s leading baby product brand, involves in producing and selling of premium quality baby & mother care products over 80 courtiers. Being the first baby care brand with own hospital, FARLIN become a brand what combines innovation, medical findings, quality, great design and practical functionality. FARLIN products are developed by medical and technological expertise, which meets parent’s expectation & support babies in their development & well-being. Let’s shop FARLIN products from SHOPe.


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