APPLE BEAR Baby Nail Clippers Cutter Baby Nursing Accessory for Kids (Yellow) – 1 Pc

৳ 130.00

Product ID: 1380

  • Brand: Apple Bear
  • Color: Lemon
  • Age: 0+ month
  • Material: PP & chromium-plated metal
  • Made in: China


Benefits: Assist to cut your baby’s nail smoothly and safely

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Special design for babies with the tip of scissors encased on three sides to prevent over-cutting of nails. Special ring tightly with your forefinger handle designed as not to injure your baby because of the scissors’ slither.

The body of scissors is made of special steel; the blade is heat processed, hardness measures up to the national safety standard. It is not easy to deform and safe to use.

  • Apple.Bear Baby nail clippers are ВРA free
  • Contains Professional Infant Nail Scissors
  • Ensure delicate task of trimming baby’s tiny nails smoothly
  • Perfectly designed for newborn baby and toddlers
  • Unique figure ring ensures secure hold & provides maximum stability to cut baby’s nails safely



  • don’t cut too far on baby’s nails.
  • Avoid the blade shocking onto the hard or dipping in the water Please take clean after using.
  • To ensure the babies’ safety, use the exclusive baby nail scissors during their sleeping.




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