Stony ANGEL Feeding Bottle 0+ Months 120 ml with Small Anti Colic Nipple with Handle (Green)

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  • Brand: Stony Angel
  • Made in: Thailand
  • Color: Transparent & Green
  • Size: 120 ml/ 4oz
  • Age: 0+ months
  • Material: Polypropylene & Silicone


Benefits: Ensure hassle-free and safe baby feeding. This colorful feeder increases the baby’s visual sense and attracts the baby. Both the Mother and Baby enjoy the feeding time.

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Designed to make feeding simple and easy to use. Made of Polypropylene (PP) which doesn’t contain Bisphenol-A (BPA) & BPS. Safe for baby. The nipple is made of food contact-grade liquid silicone rubber which is safe, hygienic, transparent, and durable. An anti-colic valve system provides continuous and comfortable feed for your baby and helps reduce the risk of air intake. Tighten or loosen the cap to adjust the flow of milk to best suit your baby’s need.

  • PP bottle which is BPA & BPS free
  • Detachable handles for easy to hold
  • Small size Anti-Colic nipple
  • Built in Air Valve: helps reduce colic and discomfort
  • Cute prints: bright colors to stimulate baby’s visual sense and interest in eating
  • Printed ink is food contact grade
  • Complies with European Standard EN 14350
  • Raw materials comply with the EU legislation and the USA FDA Regulations



  • Before first use, clean the product
  • Always wash immediately after use
  • Wash in warm water with a liquid cleanser
  • Gently brush bottle and nipple
  • Rinse thoroughly in clean water
  • Sterilize by using the steam sterilizer and follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Always check the liquid temperature before feeding
  • Inspect before each use and pull the nipple in all direction
  • Throw away at the first sign of damage or weakness



  • Don’t attempt to enlarge nipple hole with a pin or sharp object as this may cause tearing
  • Stop feeding before your baby has completely emptied the nipple to keep your baby from swallowing air that may cause colic
  • Don’t over tighten the cap as this may cause nipple to collapse and milk doesn’t flow through
  • For hygiene reason, we recommend replacing nipple every 3 months and the bottle every 6 months depending on the cleaning and care
  • Always use this product with adult supervision
  • Never use this nipple as a soother
  • Continuous and prolonged sucking of fluids will cause tooth decay
  • Keep all component not in use out of the reach of children
  • Don’t leave the nipple in direct heat or sunlight, this may weaken the nipple
  • Don’t use an abrasive sourcing pad to clean the product as it may cause scratches





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