PVC Feeder Bottle Container Warmer Single Chamber (White) – 1 Pc

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  • Color: White
  • Size: Height 9.5 inches & Wide 4 inches
  • Material: PVC, Fabric, and Foam


Benefits: Enhance baby’s interest in feeding and ensure easy handling and safety from dirt.

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It is a unique double-chambered feeder warmer, this will allow you to carry hot liquid at the same time and will keep it warm and fresh for hours. Your baby will love the colorful and printed design. With an easy-to-hold handle and lightweight, which is easy and convenient to carry during traveling. Made of high-quality material which is water-resistant. Helpful for traveling and night feedings.


  • Product Type: Warmer Feeder
  • Main Material: High-Grade PVC, Foam, PE Liner
  • No Side effect for baby
  • No possibility of liquids leakage
  • It keeps hot continuously up to four (04) hours
  • Keep the feeder safe from scratches, dust, and dirt
  • Soft texture & popup design helps in the development of sensory skills in babies such as vision and touch.
  • Elasticated neck holds bottle perfectly and avoid slipping during feeding, ensure easy grip
  • Keep the milk warm
  • Beautiful looks, make your baby happy
  • Compact size with cute prints
  • Easy to maintain and clean


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