NEW Feeder with Silicone Nipple for Newborn Baby Milk Feeding150ml – 1 Pc

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  • Brand: Non Brand
  • Made in: China
  • Color: Transparent & Blue
  • Size: 150 ml/ 5oz
  • Age: 0+ months
  • Material: Polypropylene & Silicone


Benefits: Ensure hassle-free and safe baby feeding. This colorful feeder attracts baby. Both the Mother and Baby enjoy the feeding time.

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The bottle was adopted in the environmental protection material of PC of imported food level, which is light and easy to wash, in high intensity, hard to break; it can stand the high temperature of 120°C without softening or out-of-shape.

Nipple is made of silica gel of food level. It is the most proper material for nipple, in high security, easy to suck, no choke, no overflow, and no out-of-shape.

This product has met the required standard of National Health of China, and the patterns on the bottle are made of safety ink, which is in-noxious and harmless, with no carcinogen like lead metal. The patterns are colorful, bright, permanent, and scientific to nurse your baby.

  • Made In China
  • BPA free
  • Suitable for 0+ month
  • Capacity: 50z, 150 ml
  • Peristaltic Nipple liquid silicone material
  • Contents: Cap, Bottle, Handle, Rattle Hood & Silicone teat
  • Complete with soft silicone teat seals teat for easy mixing of feeds replacement teats available
  • The design of a double-handle can help the baby with the ability of eating and holding. Baby can hold with one hand or both hands, which can make baby suck the milk comfortably in a sitting or lying state.
  • The design of caring for babies, with the nipple, is similar to the mother’s nipple, it can help with the baby’s buccal healthy growth for needing the muscles strength of tongue and mouth.
  • Sieve design in the neck makes sure that the nipple will not be gluey, blocked and etc. When sucking, it makes suck more comfortable and natural.
  • Meets American And European Safety Standards



  • Storage: Keep it in a ventilated and sanitary place and keep away the fire.



  • Infants must not be bottle fed without adult supervision
  • Feeding teats must not be used as  dummies pacifiers soothers
  • Before and after using, please disinfect with a special disinfecting pot for a nursing bottle or put the bottle in the boiled water for more than 3 minutes
  • Please check the nipple and bottle frequently. if there are any scratches and cracks, please change for a new one.
  • Please don’t leave the baby alone to use the bottle and the nipple can’t be used for a toy or comforting nipple.


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