High Quality MINITREE Regular-Neck Feeding Bottle for Baby 0+ Month – 1 Pc

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  • Brand: Minitree
  • Size: 60 ml
  • Suitable for: 0+ months (Newborn+)
  • Material: Food graded PP & Silicone
  • Made in: China (Supervised by UK Baby Supplies Co. Ltd.)


Benefits: This high-quality feeder will ensure a happy feeding time. This is a heat-resistant product and easy to use and clean. This will meet parents’ expectations and attract the baby’s concentration toward eating.

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  • Minitree regular-neck feeding bottle can contain 2oz / 60ml
  • Suitable for 0+ month babies
  • Regular-Neck Feeding Bottle for Baby
  • Supervised by UK Baby Supplies Co. Ltd.
  • The natural taste
  • Safe non-toxic
  • Health and Safety Material
  • 0% BPA (BPA free)
  • Real natural sense nursing nipple
  • Specially designed for baby, close to mother’s milk, more natural for sucking.



  • Before use every time, completely clean and disinfect the feeding bottle; after use every time, immediately clean, dry and keep clean;
  • Before use every time, pull the nipple towards every direction; for any deformation and damage, please immediately replace it;
  • Do not place it under sunshine or near a hot source for a long time, or immerse it in the disinfectant too long to damage the nipple.
  • Keep it in a dry place and far away from the fire resource.
  • Due to different growth stages, a baby’s food intake and speed are also changed accordingly. Please refer to the nipple aperture specification below and choose a suitable nipple for the baby.
  • For different principles, only a cross-hole nipple can be selected to match with an automatic pipette.
  • Bottle body / cover/ nipple needle PP 110°C water boiled / Steam
  • Nipple Medical Silicone 180°C water boiled / steam



  • Use under the custody of adult;
  • Do not use the nipple as the soother nipple;
  • Keep all parts out of the place that children can contact;
  • Please check the milk temperature before feeding in case of scalding.




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