High Quality MINITREE Crystal Color Organic PP Training Water Cup for Baby Kids 9+ Months – 1 Pc

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  • Brand: Minitree
  • Size: 180 ml
  • Suitable for: 6+ months
  • Material: Food graded PP & Silicone
  • Made in: China (Supervised by UK Baby Supplies Co. Ltd.)


Benefits: This high-quality feeder will ensure a happy feeding time. This is a heat resistant product and easy to use and clean. This will meet parents’ expectations and attract the baby’s concentration toward eating.

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  • Minitree Crystal color organic PP training cup contains 180ml
  • Suitable for 9+ months
  • 0% BPA (BPA free)
  • Not sprinkle
  • PH Stable
  • Supervised by UK YZY Baby Supplies Co. Ltd
  • Leakproof food-grade material
  • Not suitable for infants less than 6 months old.
  • The pot body is made of food-grade polypropylene (PP) material, does not contain bisphenol A, wear-resistant, wear resistance is 5-8 times of glass, long service life, easy to use for a long time, and no residual odor after use
  • The lid is designed with vane, leakproof and dustproof, safe and hygienic, and colorful color suction cups contribute to the visual development of the baby.
  • The mouthpiece uses food-grade silicone, safe and soft, does not hurt the mouth and gums.



  • When drinking colored liquid. it may be caused by the normal phenomenon of pigmentation and nozzle coloring, please feel free to use it.
  • To reduce coloring, it is recommended to rinse the cup with water immediately after use. after drinking the delicious liquid, you should also wash your mouth.
  • When drinking regular liquid, the straw will not spray the liquid, but the strong impact, shaking will cause straw spraying. If the air in the cup expands and the pressure increases, the suction mouth may overflow water. Therefore, please do not pack carbonated drinks or hot water above 50°C. When the baby bites with a tooth for a long time, it may cause damage to the straw, nozzle, and other accessories. If it is damaged, please replace it in time. To prevent liquid from ejecting from the nozzle, please close the slide cover when not in use.



  • Proposed to install 50°C below the liquid, so as not to burn baby.
  • Be sure to confirm the drink temperature and then give your baby a drink.
  • When opening the sliding cover, do not place the straw toward the body.
  • Bottle body / cover /handle PP 110°C water boiled / steam
  • Straw medical silicone 180° C water boiled / steam
  • When the temperature of the water or milk in the bottle is higher than 40 °C, the color of the printed pattern of the bottle will change from dark to light, and the mother can control the temperature of the baby drinking water or milk to avoid overheating and hurt the baby.




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