Farlin MomFit Wide Neck Anti-Colic Design Glass Feeding Bottle 0+ M For Baby Kids and Child (Tree Print)

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  • Brand: Farlin
  • Color: Transparent
  • Age: 0+ month
  • Size: 120 ml
  • Material: α – 33 Boro-Silicate Glass and Silicone
  • Made in: Taiwan


Benefits: Don’t leak harmful chemicals during heating & sterilizing. More hygienic than plastic feeders. Hassle-free and safe baby feeding. This feeder will attract your baby. Both Mother and Baby will enjoy the feeding.

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  • α – 33 Boro-Silicate Glass: With the low thermal expansion, high heat resistance, high shock resistance, high hardness, high transparency, and low chemical reactivity. Presents very high-quality bottle materials
  • High-Temperature Change Durability: Can resist 600 degrees C and up to 150 degree C temperature change
  • Low Chemical Activity: Stable and neutral material, will not react with acid or alkaline, safe for making milk.
  • Wide-neck Feeding Bottle: Makes it easy for  you to load powder milk and convenient for washing clean
  • Ingenious Cap Design: The milk is not easily flow out when making and shaking the milk inside
  • More hygienic than plastic feeding bottles
  • BPA free material is safer and healthier for baby
  • Reinforced Ring: More durable for nipple hole
  • Unique Strips Design: Helps liquid steady and constant flow
  • Anti-Colic Air Valve: Helps constant liquid flow with less ingestion of air
  • Elastic base: Enhance elasticity to support baby’s sucking motion and make sucking easier just like mother’s breast
  • The nipple is made of food graded silicone
  • Toxic-free
  • Resistance to high temperature
  • FDA (USA) certified


  • Before the use for the first time and after each use
  • Please clean all parts
  • Store it at a dry place and container with a cover
  • Clean with a mild bottle wash using a bottle and nipple brush and rinse it thoroughly
  • Can be sterilized by boiling water, steam, dishwasher or microwave sterilization set
  • Sterilize by using the steam sterilizer and follow the manufacturer’s instructions


  • Avoid dropping, even the glass material is superior in heat and sock resistance; repetitive damages may cause natural breakage
  • Inspect and test the nipple before each use; the silicone nipple will wear out naturally and gradually, especially when the baby is teething. Replace immediately when a crack is spotted.
  • Be aware that the bottle resists 150 degrees C temperature difference only, don’t dramatically change the storage temperature in case of sudden breakage
  • Never leave your baby out of sight when feeding
  • Before feeding, make sure to test the milk temperature by dripping a few drops on your hand
  • Handle the bottle and accessories with care especially after sterilization
  • The nipple should not be used as a pacifier
  • Handle the bottle and accessories with care especially after sterilization



FARLIN, established in 1972 in Taiwan, world’s leading baby product brand, involves in producing and selling of premium quality baby & mother care products over 80 courtiers. Being the first baby care brand with own hospital, FARLIN become a brand what combines innovation, medical findings, quality, great design and practical functionality. FARLIN products are developed by medical and technological expertise, which meets parent’s expectation & support babies in their development & well-being. Let’s shop FARLIN products from SHOPe.


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