FARLIN MomFit Anti-Colic and Standard Neck Design Feeding Bottle OM+ 140 ml (Pink)

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  • Brand: Farlin
  • Made in: Taiwan
  • Color: Transparent & Pink
  • Size: 140 ml
  • Material: Polypropylene & Silicone


Benefits: Ensure hassle-free and safe baby feeding. This colorful feeder attracts the baby. Both the Mother and Baby enjoy the feeding time.

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  • This feeder is BPA free, safer, and healthier for baby
  • The smooth inner bottleneck for easier clean
  • Food grade and durable silicone nipple
  • Anti-colic silicone nipple: Allows constant liquid flow with less ingestion of air
  • Unique strip design: Helps liquid flow with less ingestion of air
  • Reinforced Rings: more durable for a nipple ring
  • PVC free
  • PHTHALATE free
  • Streamlined shape
  • Printed with SOY ink
  • Registered as a worldwide mark



  • Punching Bar: Go to the nipple center hole in order to re-open the closed-hole
  • Please clean & sterilize this product prior to first use and after each use
  • Can be sterilized by boiling water, steam, or microwave sterilizer
  • The bottle shall be cleaned and sterilized before each use as per the manufacturer’s instruction.



  • Please check the nipple every time before use, if the nipples crack or wear out, please replace them immediately
  • Test strength of the nipple by pulling on the bulb portion
  • Handle the bottle and accessories especially after sterilization
  • Don’t heat up the product by the fire, direct contact heat utensil or direct under sunlight to avoid damaging the product
  • Nipple supplied with the feeding bottle should not be used as a pacifying nipple
  • Always use this product under adult supervision
  • Always check food temperature before feeding



Farlin established in 1972, and constantly dedicates to manufacturing and providing high-quality baby products with innovative, safe, healthy, reliable, and elegant designs. Farlin cares for your baby as much as you do and always bearing in mind to satisfy the needs of all babies in their development as well as accompanies every little one to grow up happy and healthy.

FARLIN offers high-quality total solutions that cater to every parent and baby’s needs that include breastfeeding, bottle feeding, weaning, cleansing, healthcare, bath & change, traveling, nursery, outing, and so on. FARLIN products will be the best choice and first gift for your baby and yourself.



FARLIN, established in 1972 in Taiwan, world’s leading baby product brand, involves in producing and selling of premium quality baby & mother care products over 80 courtiers. Being the first baby care brand with own hospital, FARLIN become a brand what combines innovation, medical findings, quality, great design and practical functionality. FARLIN products are developed by medical and technological expertise, which meets parent’s expectation & support babies in their development & well-being. Let’s shop FARLIN products from SHOPe.


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