Delivery Policy:

Delivery policy refers delivery methods, time, charges, delivery coverage and other terms & conditions regarding product delivery. SHOPe offers in/on time delivery guarantee. You have to select delivery option in checkout page. Details:

Area Delivery Options Delivery Time Charge
Dhaka City Regular 3 days BDT 45
Out of Dhaka City Regular 4 daysBDT 120

Note: Delivery time starts from order confirmation. Order confirmation day will not be counted if the order is submitted after 12 PM (noon).

Dhaka City: Covers area under Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) & Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC)

Out of Dhaka City: Covers entire country except Dhaka City. This segment includes Dhaka suburban areas e.g. Savar, Keraniganj etc. You have to collect products from Sundarban / SA Paribahan / any other nominated courier service office.

Please review your product(s) in front of delivery representative.

* Delivery charge will be displayed at the checkout page and invoice.

* We process deliveries through our in house delivery team and reputed courier service providers.

* Please pay the bill amount (product price and delivery charge) to our delivery representative after receiving and reviewing the product(s) as soon as possible since s/he have to complete other deliveries with a stipulated time frame.

* Pre order items may take more time to reach you than we are offering for regular orders. We will inform the required time to you before deliver the order.

* SHOPe reserves the right to revise and update all delivery service charges and terms at any time. If there is any modification in delivery charge for a particular item, we will inform customer before shipment.

* Risk of loss shall remain with SHOPe until the item is transferred to you. Title and risk of loss and damages pass on to you upon the products is delivered to you.

On/ In Time Delivery Guarantee: We want to ensure that your product(s) will arrive in time, therefore we provide a guarantee that products will be delivered within stipulated time frame. If we fail to meet delivery commitment, you will receive BDT 100 discount during your next purchase. The delivery guarantee will become invalid, if we miss our promised delivery commitment due to misinformation and rescheduled by customer.

* We may delayed or suspend any order and delivery if customer have breached, violated, abused, manipulated or exploited any terms as well as provides misinformation. Delivery and order may be suspended or delayed if the product being mispriced, out of stock, expired, defective, malfunctioned, containing incorrect information or description arising out of technical or typographical error, observation from quality checking, unsecured or wrong address, delay from the third party delivery service providers, political event and unrest, national/ public holidays, bad weather/ natural disaster, force mejure, any other valid & unforeseen circumstances. If the order or delivery is suspended and the payment is being paid before cancellation through mobile banking channel e.g. bKash, Rocket etc. SHOPe will refund within 3 working days after suspension. In case of payment through banking channel i.e. card, internet banking etc. refund time may be prolonged due to banking formalities.  

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions regarding delivery

Q. What are your delivery hours?

A. 9 AM to 10 PM.

Q. How do you deliver?

A. We use our own fleet and reliable third party professional logistic partners.

Q. Can I order with different billing and delivery address?

A. No.

Q. Can I request to deliver products of a single order to different addresses?

A. No dear, we consider one shipping address against single order. If you would like to ship to different addresses you could place separate orders and pay for them separately.

Q. Does SHOPe deliver product internationally?

A. SHOPe does not deliver products internationally. You can make your purchase with BDT on SHOPe from anywhere in the world, but delivery address have to be within Bangladesh.

Q. Can I select a specific hour to receive delivery?

A. Yes, but this is not an offered service. We will try (can’t commit/ guarantee) to deliver order as per your schedule. If you have any particular date and time range regarding your order’s delivery time, please email us at or call us at 01714 070709 during our business hours before confirming the order to set a personalized delivery schedule. Applicable fee will be charged (if any).

Q. How can I know that SHOPe delivers product in my locality or not?

A. SHOPe delivers product all over Bangladesh through own and third party courier service providers (Sundarban/ SA Paribahan/ or any other reputed courier service).

Q. My product(s) was/ were damaged during delivery. What should I do?

A: We encourage the customers to check their products in front of the delivery representative at the time of delivery to avoid all sorts of confusion. If the product is damaged, please return the product to him/her. Any complain regarding product damage will not be considered after departure of delivery representative.

You can return and claim replacement/ refund, call / SMS at 01714070709. We will scrutinize your request and get back to you within the next 48 hours.

SHOPe will deliver new product (replacement) to you. If the product is unavailable to us you may purchase other product (exchange) from us or take 100% refund through any suitable means within 3 working days. In case of online/ card payment, refund time may be prolonged due to banking formalities. 

Q. My product(s) was/ were lost during delivery. What should I do?

A: Please call / SMS at 01714070709, SHOPe will deliver new product (replacement) to you. If the product is unavailable to us you may purchase other product (exchange) from us or take 100% refund through any suitable means if the bill amount is being paid.

Q. How can I change delivery address and time?

A. You can change you delivery address as well as your profile from our website, if you are registered. Otherwise, you can call or text to 01714 070709, we will update change(s) as soon as possible. You will be notified after your required changes were conducted.

Q. Is there any option to request SHOPe to hold the product for a particular time?

A: According to our policy, we can’t keep any product for more than 7 days. However, if you would like to place this request, please call at 01714 070709 or send an email at Note that, we will not be liable for damage or loss, if the product is kept for over 7 days. We can cancel the order after mentioned time. This is applicable for per-paid order only.

Q. How can I make complain regarding my delivery i.e. delay, misbehave etc.? 

A. Please call at 01714 070709 or mail your name, mobile number, order ID (if any) and complain details to We will look into the matter with TOP PRIORITY and get back to you within the next 48 hours. Corrective measures will be taken after completion of process.

Q. I have other query regarding delivery. What should I do?

A. You can call us at: 01714 070709 or mail us at We will get back to you ASAP – as soon as possible but not later than 48 hours.

Q. How much do deliveries cost?

A. Dhaka City: 45/- and Out of Dhaka City: 120/-

Q. How long do the deliveries take?

A. Dhaka City: 3 days and Out of Dhaka City: 4 days

Q. What happens during a hartal?

A. We work during hartals. Delivery time may vary due to hartals.

Q. Should I tip the delivery representative?

A. Tips are not required.

Q. How can I gift my beloved ones by using your service?

A. You can gift your beloved ones easily from SHOPe by giving his or her proper contacts and delivery address in additional address field of checkout page. Otherwise, you can call to our customer care 01714 070709 or mail us at This option is applicable for cash on delivery in Dhaka City and applicable charge besides delivery charge is 50/-

Q. From where I can know the total delivery charge against my order?

A. You can see the total shipping charge for the in the checkout page and invoice.

Q. How quickly can I get my order?

A. We do our best to deliver your orders in time. Delivery time frame, Dhaka City: 3 days & Out of Dhaka City: 4 days It may vary on product, weight, area etc.

Q. Who will ensure proper packing of my valuable product?

A. SHOPe shall ensure that the packaging of the product is safe, proper and adequate for normal transportation and other environmental hazards.

Q. How can I know weather the product(s) is dispatched or not?

A. Our delivery representative/ Customer Service Executive will notify you before delivery. Otherwise, you can call at 01714 070709 to know the same.

Q. How can I track my order location or status?

A. You can know your order status through “Track Order” from our website. You have to create account with mail ID in SHOPe website. Otherwise you can track your order by calling us at 01714 070709.

Q. I became unable to receive the delivery, what should I do?

A. If you anticipate that you will not be available to receive your order, you may designate someone else to receive the delivery on your behalf. You may change the instruction by calling us at 01714 070709 or mailing us at   

Q. How do I know when my order is here?

A. Our delivery representative will call you after or before reaching your provided address.