About SHOPe

SHOPe, an eCommerce venture located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, established in 2019, offering baby and parenting products. Our aim is to become most trusted one-stop shopping platform and to become most sought after brand over large brands in terms of products and services quality. We are here to solve following parenting issues:

* How to take care of a pregnant woman?

* How to grow a child?

* What are the best products for baby?

* What are the world’s most praised baby product brands?

* From where I can purchase 100% genuine, best and exclusive products?

* Baby products what match the quality and price in best rational way?

* What products ensure your baby’s best care and safety?

* What toys will help my child to grow and develop more?

* All required baby products in one reliable platform.

* Observations, experience and guidelines of other contemporary parents.

We believe you want the best, exclusive and trendy baby products for your little ones, so we’re here to offer you top quality products through ensuring maximum value against your money. You can buy baby essentials online from us through few-clicks or a convenient phone call. SHOPe offers 100% genuine baby products from top international brands including Farlin, Huggies, Pampers, Fisher-Price, Pigeon, Gerber, Linco, Meril, Mothercare, Aveeno etc. for baby and parents at the lowest possible price. We are committed as a responsible parent to ensure best value to you though genuine and authentic products.  All items offered by us have been sourced from authorized importers and manufacturers only. We emphasize the importance of child safety in home and outdoor while travelling or playing. We are a small and well managed eCommerce, not a large marketplace. There is no chance of happening misconducts by 3rd party merchants since we source, store, pack and deliver products single-handedly with care. We offer responsive and service oriented customer care, guarantee product’s safety and timely doorstep delivery along with easy and flexible cancellation, return and 100% refund facility to customers. We also offer easy and secured payment options including cash on delivery, bKash, online payments through cards etc. SHOPe is here to provide easy, hassle-free and secured online shopping experience ever.

SHOPe hopes to change the way of living, when parents will buy baby essentials online, so that they can avoid traffic, save time and money, be at home to spend more quality time with their ‘little ones’ and family.

Hope you will enjoy your shopping from SHOPe. Follow us on Facebook (fb.me/shopebd)) to stay updated about our latest offers. Happy Shopping!

Name and Slogan

SHOPe (শপি); Combination of SHOP and HOPE.

Shop Your Hope:

We believe, a hope of value addition, positive change and betterment is hidden behind every purchase. Especially we (parents) purchase products for our baby with a hope (aspiration) that, our baby will feel comfortable and special, will become smart in look and merit, remain safe and secure by consuming purchased products or services. Indeed, SHOPe is selling hope in the form of product or service.


SHOPe is founded with a vision (hope) to contribute in the development of the Bangladesh through adding value in education and health of every children, future of the country.


SHOPe is founded with precise missions:To offer 100% genuine and best suited (where reasonable price meets best quality) products for your kids and family

* To empower customers with guaranteed buyer protection i.e. easy & favorable order Cancellation, Return & Refund (100%) facilities.

* To guarantee product’s safety and timely doorstep delivery

* To offer easy and secure payment and shopping experience with finest customer service

* To keep parents update regarding contemporary parenting practices through SHOPe blog, where one can share and receive precious consultancy regarding baby and family issues.

* To help our valued customers to save time and money for their family through releasing them from the horrible harassment of traffic, negotiation, queue etc.

* To ensure maximum value against each consumption

* To become most trusted one-stop shopping platform with giving options to customer of discovering, making right choice among wide collection of genuine and authentic products from praised local and international brands. 

* To become market leader, most sought after brand over large brands in terms of products and services quality.

Core Values

* Children and parents across the country benefiting from our initiative, our values remain as constant source of inspiration and pride for us. Passion for diversity, inclusion, innovation and excellence

* Customer-centric operation through placing customer interest and satisfaction as first priority rather than competitor focus

* Maintain high ethical standard, integrity and transparency in every dealings

* Adapting to changing market and consumer needs

* Committed to establish new customer service benchmark through long-term relationship

* Respects customer privacy and care about customer’s security

* Be a compliant institution through adhering to all regulatory requirements and laws

* Ensure higher degree of motivation & dignified working environment for higher efficiency

* Value addition to stakeholders through attaining new landmark in eCommerce operations

* Contribute significantly for the betterment of the society and nation

* Committed to protect the environment and go green

From the SHOPe entrepreneur:

Being a mother, I always wanted to ensure safety and nutrition of my baby from the very beginning of my pregnancy. But, unfortunately I was confused about the doctor and hospital, best suited for me considering my locality, health, financial capacity etc.

My angel came to the earth with heavenly happiness along with lots of nervousness regarding inexperience of nurturing a newborn baby. I was puzzled, what items are required for my baby, from where I can buy those, who will choose and buy it for me? Being a new mother I was unable to move outside frequently and purchase best suited baby products i.e. diaper, feeder, powder, lotion etc. for my baby by running all over the city. My husband was busy with his work and it was impossible for me to wait for a week till his next holiday. I was always concerned and confused about my baby’s weight, height, health etc. since there was no one to give me the right guidelines.  

After passing a magical year, I became worried about my baby’s development i.e. when will he walk and talk? I observed that my baby became addicted to electronic gadget such as mobile phone. In this circumstance, I was looking for such type of toys what will grow interest to my baby, divert his concentration from digital screen and ensure his mental development as well.

When my baby started his walking (better to say running!), I felt the necessity of safety accessories to ensure his safety from falling, crashing, wounding etc. but unfortunately baby safety tools were not available in market. That time, I have used so may baby nurturing accessories through purchasing them from various shops all over the city, what kills my time and money. Grief was, some time I failed to give the required accessories to my baby in time.

I always wanted to buy best, genuine and exclusive products for my beloved baby at reasonable price from home. Since this is the first motherhood experience I have faced so many questions, confusions and problems regarding purchasing of best suited products for my baby. I was confused what should I do in sickness of my baby, what type of vaccination is required, when should I go to a doctor or hospital etc. I felt that I should talk, share and receive guidelines from contemporary mothers regarding pregnancy and parenting, unfortunately there was no reliable one.

This difficulties and aspirations drive me to establish SHOPe for baby and parents of Bangladesh. SHOPe came with the aim to enhance the experience of motherhood.  All mothers desire happiness for their baby. When a baby looks into his/her mother’s eyes and smiles, all her worries melt away instantly. SHOPe deeply cares for this beautiful relationship. All mothers are looking for the best baby products so that their baby does not have to face even the smallest discomfort because if the baby is unhappy, the mother is too. SHOPe wants to support parents by reducing the burden of baby-rearing tasks so that parents can enjoy watching their baby grow with only sheer joy.

Being a parents, we are able to gain insight to the baby’s comfort and safety. Before the sale of the product, we have set up a process for quality check, so that each and every product is tested and verified to keep the baby safe.

Our objective is not selling products, rather nurturing pure and delicate relationship, that of a mother and her baby. But, like every organization we have to ensure profit to conduct operation and to grow. I think, if I grow, I can help others in future through building a school for girls, library, tree plantation and many more. One educated girl will be an empowered mother, grow her child as an ideal human being. I firmly believe that, this endeavor will make a small contribution to build a healthy and prosperous nation.

By the way, my inspiration behind SHOPe is master Rushdan, my beloved baby. Please pray for him as I am praying for every child. Please accompany me in this journey towards success and endeavors of social welfare.

Thanks for reading and supporting me.