Do’s During Initial Stage of Pregnancy

Do’s During Initial Stage of Pregnancy

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In order to ensure healthy pregnancy and child birth, you should bring some changes in your regular lifestyle. There are so many new practice you should exercise in your daily life to make your pregnancy smooth and healthy. Following are major Do’s:

01. Ensure Sufficient Fluid Intake

Since dehydration may lead to various physical complicacies it is very essential to stay hydrated during pregnancy period. The easy and best way to stay hydrated is by increasing daily water intake. You may take support of any suitable mobile application, smart watch or alarm watch to provide reminder of water drinking at regular interval. Additionally, you may drink home made fresh fruit juices, vegetable juices or soups which will up your fluid level as well as nutrition.

02. Physical Exercise

It is very essential to exercise stay fit. The same guideline is applicable to pregnant women as well. You should continue mild exercises to ensure proper functionality of your body. Walking is the ideal way of exercising without triggering unnecessary pressure on body. It is best to consult with your doctor before setting any exercise routine.

03. Eat High-Fiber Foods

Due to enormous and sudden hormonal changes a pregnant women may experience constipation. To avoid this type of hassle add more fibrous foods in your diet chart. Example of high-fiber foods: whole grains foods, Apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries, Dark-colored vegetables etc.

04. Sufficient Sleep

Your body is going through a lot of changes during pregnancy period, this may keep you exhausted and fatigued. It is very essential to take adequate sleep during your pregnancy period in order to regain physical energy.

05. Ensure Proper Vaginal Sanitation

Since your body is going through a sudden hormonal changes during your pregnancy, you will become prone of vaginal infections. In order to avoid such type of unexpected infection it is a must to maintain proper vaginal hygiene.

06. Be Positive and Stay Optimistic 

Your health (both physical and mental) has severe effect on your unborn baby. Passing time with your hobby i.e. listening to music, reading book or any other activity that makes you happy and delighted.

07. Others Precautions (Do’s)

Apart from the above-stated do’s, you should take following precautions as well:

  • Check your blood pressure and sugar levels regularly
  • Maintain caution during working in kitchen or garden
  • Wear gloves before conducting any filthy and muddy work
  • Ensure proper hygiene after any cleaning work

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