Don’ts During Initial Stage of Pregnancy

Don’ts During Initial Stage of Pregnancy

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In order to ensure healthy pregnancy and child birth, you should bring some changes in your regular lifestyle. There are so many existing work / habit you should avoid to make your pregnancy smooth and healthy. Following are major Don’ts:

01. Eating Unhealthy (Junk) Food

Consuming unhealthy or junk food may cause to unusual weight gain. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy may leads to risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Deep fry and oily food will decrease your immunity. Unhealthy and excessive fats are not good for you and your baby as well. So, during initial stage of pregnancy you should refrain yourself from taking these type of food items.

02. Taking Beverages with Caffeine

Refrain yourself from drinking caffeinated beverages e.g. coffee, tea etc. during pregnancy. Caffeine may leads to insomnia, heartburn and anxiety. It may cause negative impact on your child’s health. Your baby may born with low birth-weight.

03. Consuming Alcohol

Mothers are more likely to give birth to babies with defects, who consume alcohol during initial stage of pregnancy. There is a higher risk of having congenital birth defects at birth of baby.

04. Smoking

Severe health complications may occur to unborn baby because of mother’s smoking. Smoking during pregnancy may cause low birth weight in the time of baby’s birth. Mothers may face breathing problems during pregnancy due to smoking. Please note that, passive smoking may also be disastrous for your unborn baby.

05. Performing Energetic Tasks

During pregnancy lifting and bending of any heavy weight item is firmly forbidden. This type of task may hurt your unborn baby since you may experience unusual pressure on your abdomen.

06. Wearing Fitted Dresses

During pregnancy mother’s body may experience various physical changes. In order to ensure conform and relax, you should wear loose fitted clothes. Avoid wearing tight fitted clothes, especially around abdomen.

07. Taking Steam/ Hot Bath

Experiencing higher temperature compare to your body’s regular temperature may become serious for your unborn child. So, you should sidestep any type of hot bath during initial stage of pregnancy.

08. Going to Long Trips

Long voyages initial stage of pregnancy is very critical for the unborn baby and mother. You should avoid any kind of stress what may affect your physical condition.

09. Others Precautions (Don’ts)

Apart from the above-stated don’ts, you should take following precautions as well:

  • Do not expose towards any harmful chemicals
  • Avoid sexual intercourse during initial two months of pregnancy
  • Avoid close interaction with pets e.g. bird, dog, cat etc.

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